10 Details About Coin Master

10 Details About Coin Master

For those who’re alive and usually are not literally blind or deaf, you’ve positively heard of this mobile game that by some means shot itself as much as turn into the top app on the App Store.

Yeah. We’re talking about gonooo coin master Master.

There are only two kinds of individuals when it comes to Coin Master.

Those who hate everything it stands for, and people who don’t know better those that just bought addicted to it like they did with Candy Crush back in the day.

In any case, should you’re someway not conversant in it, here are 10 facts about this new-fangled time-sink.

1. It’s Not New
Oh yeah, have we talked about that the game isn’t really new? It was launched all the best way back in 2010, in fact. Just a 12 months ago in June, the company behind it, Moon Active, uploaded a new trailer to YouTube. Somehow, a yr later and this game is in every single place on social media.

2. Basically a Slot Machine
We are able to’t say about what it was like back in 2010, but the game now could be based mostly heavily on a virtual slot machine. In actual fact, that’s just about your entire game. You accumulate spins slowly as time passes, and you spend them to spin a slot machine, which can yield cash, attacks, raids, shields or more spins.

3. Village Building and Raiding
There’s also a village-building characteristic within the game, where you utilize the cash you gather from the slot machine to build and upgrade buildings in your village. So far as we can inform, the buildings (and by extension the village itself) does actually nothing, besides that you simply achieve stars everytime you upgrade a building.

Also, the stars do nothing. Go figure.

However hey, with the attacks and raids and no matter you get from the slot machine, you get to attack and raid other folks’s villages for more cash! Yay?

4. Play with Your Mates!
Speaking of other individuals, why play this game with strangers when you possibly can play this game with your folks? That’s right, you possibly can connect your Facebook account whenever you start the game, and do everything a social mobile game can do, like: piss off your mates by spamming them with game invitations, or pester your folks to give you free stuff within the game, or attack/raid their villages!

Don’t blame the game for those who lose any pals!

5. Trading Cards
Oh yeah, there are also trading cards in the game, because why the heck not? Aside from building up your village (or repairing the buildings), cash may also be used to buy chests. There are 3 totally different chests you should buy, which comprise totally different amounts of collectible cards.

6. Tons of Coins and Stars!
As you play the game more, you get to win more cash and stars!

What an excellent game, am I right?

Everybody loves enormous numbers in terms of things like cash or stars. Get ready to spin the slot machine for payouts of as much as tens of hundreds of thousands of cash!Let me just remind you right here that the coins do literally nothing but make it easier for you to get more coins. Also, the celebrities don'thing.

However hey, more coins!

It’s in the name, buddy. Not sure what else you expected.

7. Even More Pointless Rewards!
You could be wondering concerning the villages. What happens if you end upgrading your village buildings to the utmost degree?

Guess what?

You unlock a distinct village, where you can start your upgrading again!

8. Microtransactions
Oh, for those who’re somehow impatient and just wish to get a ton of cash quicker than you already can in the game, don’t worry.You'll be able to throw away all of your hard-earned money into the game, and just purchase more coins!

By no means mind that a couple of tens of millions of cash only require you to spend a little bit more time in the game playing the slot machine; you may instead just trade about $forty for that!

Personally, I’ve never understood how folks can just dump all their cash like that, but what do I do know, I don’t really play this game.

9. SG YouTube Ads
In case you’re anything like me, you probably heard of this game from the YouTube ad that includes Singapore’s very own Jianhao Tan. The ad is literally all over the place, on every video, I swear.

Arguably one of the vital famous YouTube personalities in Singapore, Moon Active in some way received their palms on JianHao Tan, and hired him to film a video ad starring him with another influencer, Naomi Neo.

10. Tons of Haters
Have I mentioned about the haters but?

Moon Active’s YouTube movies, which are basically just ads for the game, all have more dislikes than likes. The remark sections are additionally stuffed with folks taking a dump on the game itself.

YouTube’s algorithms shoving Jianhao Tan’s ad down each Singaporean’s throats isn’t doing the game any favours at all either, although I have to admit more people really know concerning the game now. Though most of them just hate the thing.

No publicity is bad publicity, proper?


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