What Is SETI?

What Is SETI?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Project, also known as SETI, is program designed to hunt out possible clever life in the universe by accumulating information via radio telescopes and other means. While it had some Government Funding throughout its inception, it is now privately funded virtually entirely.

SETI's main means of amassing information, is to listen for 'radio' signals from other star systems. They search for patterns and things that would not appear in nature, for the only real function of defining if an Alien Intelligence may exist within that Photo voltaic System. Nonetheless, the search is not all encompassing, as we might overlook pre-industrial cultures, and those cultures that don't use technology like our own.

In case your accustomed to SETI, you most likely derive this familiarity resulting from SETI at Home. SETI at Home is a computer program, whereby SETI researchers use your pc's hard-drive, when idling, to help process data coping with the search. The program proved massively successful, and although not the first of its sort, spawned several duplicate programs, everything from Cargo Ship Managers to Protein Folding.

If you have an interest within the search, and you may want to start here on Earth. While the stories don't have any concrete evidence, which is hard to believe attributable to their prevalence, these stories of alien abductions are prolific and have had a definite impact on our culture because it is. Also, understanding our cultural notion of abduction phenomenon and preconceptions will certainly assist us possibly perceive how we would act if we did encounter an Alien Culture.

If this curiosity you; I'd counsel that you take a look at my website beneath, given in my useful resource box. This site accommodates the anonymous accounts of contact with Alien Life; every story posted anonymously and http://carlkruse.org/2019/04/25/happy-dna-day/ formatted for reading. In case you have one such story, be at liberty to entry the second link to publish your story. We solely ask that you format it, and publish anonymously. Thank you!


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