We Achieved At Columbia University's Start-up Accelerator, Almaworks

We Achieved At Columbia University's Start-up Accelerator, Almaworks

Update Nov 2018: More info added in about accelerators in Malaysia.

Update June 2018: More Accelerators are already added in beneath!

Update Nov 2017: We have been very pleased to declare that NEXEA Accelerator is currently working together with Sunway iLabs to combine our talents and supply Startups with all the greatest Accelerator practical experience in the area. Check out our Startup Accelerator in Malaysia.

List of Top Startup Accelerator in Malaysia

Here is the directory of very best accelerators in Malaysia (in no distinct buy). These are mainly startups accelerators in Kuala Lumpur. One is Johor. Be aware that not all of the accelerators are compatible with each and every Startup. Selecting the most appropriate accelerator will depend on what your Startup lacks. Possibly the commercial accelerators might be more effective if your lack of strength from your new venture or founding organization would be the accessibility business or market place. If you are looking for formidable advisors that devote additional time to helping your organization, than the non-public accelerators with scaled-down batches are going to be better. Maybe the much larger set accelerators are perfect.

Accelerators are very important for Startups in their ahead of time phases. Accelerators increase the value of the organization by means of validation of tips, validation or industry, or validation of growth. In addition to that, some accelerators can also be capable to put importance by means of sites, mentoring, funds, and even by using propagated products and services like Marketing and advertising, Search engine optimization and Financial or HR.

Determined by the needs you have, make sure you opt for an Accelerator that ideal suits you. Should you be determined by big B2B consumers, this is for purpose of marketing. If you need mentoring, pick the ones with solid advisors. Also, record records of Accelerators topic. Don’t just think about the variety of corporations. Look into the excellent of firms, and exactly how the majority are still living and rising.

For other Startup Funding (Malaysia And ASEAN) decisions, start looking under for Startup funding alternatives.

Government Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

Selangor Accelerator Programme by SITEC

From the staff that moved you StartupQuest Selangor (SQSel), the Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) is undoubtedly an intensive 4-four weeks plan. They involve mentoring, Sessions and prizes in another country trips, and the opportunity to win RM100k.

MaGIC Startup Accelerator

The Magic Startup Accelerator is often a sizeable-scope accelerator (50-100 for each set) put in place from the Malaysian Government. They work generally dependant on a schoolroom type. The course is 4 many weeks. Rm1000/30 days allowance. RM30k in 15 several weeks. Mentors are generally other new venture creators. They largely accept startups with some form of very early step grip - primarily revenue traction.

RAVE Accelerator by MyNEF

The accelerator is the one other govt motivation, with RAVE becoming a subsidiary of MyNEF. They run a 3-four weeks method providing RM20k to victors exclusively for byPercent home equity.

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator

The accelerator is another govt initiative, with a number of partners working the program (had been manage by Watchtower, 1337, etc). Thus, Startup Accelerator in Malaysia the mentorship is supplied by different people every year or once the distributors transform. The web site says they supply Useful Services Close to RM50k.

ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator

The accelerator is another administration initiative, function by MDEC and ODI. Thus, people jogging the Accelerator come from ODI additionally they do networking, customise, situations and education suit the course to Malaysia Startups. The site does not condition precisely what the offer is.

Private Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

NEXEA Accelerator

The NEXEA Accelerator Program is focussed on benefit creation by means of our 3 Value Creation Engines. We provide genuine mentoring through effective business people/business owners that have started off and even offered for sale their corporations. They pull in significant price thru their a long time of business practical experience, demonstrated organization understanding, and national (Southeast Asia) business network system. There exists a organization of Startup experts that specialise in the early lifecycle of Startups, and also a dedicated Tech crew (suggested) to keep up the MVP or IT advancement.

The program has no application deadline (jog throughout every season), and is particularly a 6-month intensive mentorship process focussed on bringing in robust grip expansion. There exists a remarkable stock portfolio of Startups that shows our Startup Validation methodology operates. The program gives RM50k, severe mentorship, Amazon AWS Activate & Microsoft Bizspark gains really worth over RM400k for 8% Equity. We generally follow up with your ventures for approximately RM500k following the system ends via our Startup Fund by top rated Angel Investors who commit to Southeast Asian Startups. We can also make warmer introductions to the mate Venture Capital providers in the area for additional funding.

The Hangout Startup Accelerator in Johor

The hangout is located in Johor. Key data unavailable from the internet site as well as other places. Do speak to them to learn.

Cyberlab/FinNext Startup Accelerator in Cyberjaya

CLLA (Cyber Lab Living Accelerator) is work by FinNext, individuals powering the Fintech association in Malaysia. Resources really worth RM50k (not in hard cash) in five months.

MAD Incubator

Idea Stage Startups can put. Hardly any other crucial Info on their internet site.

SuperCharger Accelerator

The Supercharger Accelerator is from Hong Kong, focussed on Fintech and carrying Activities, Purchasers, Workspace, Classes, Promotion and Advisors to Startups.

Khazanah Neo Accelerator

Khazanah has compiled 3 accelerators named 1337 Ventures, Code Ar.my and Watch Close friends and Tower to build Khazanah Neo. This program is 3 months long, offering RM20k for 2Percent for the determined clubs only. Update: We transported this to underneath "Private Accelerators" from "Government Accelerators" however Khazanah Neo is within the Malaysian Government which is not essentially an accelerator in itself. However, the three privately-possessed accelerators listed below are contracted by Khazanah Neo to work this plans, and then we do totally agree it belongs on this page.

1337 Accelerator

1337 Startup Accelerator is run by 1337 Ventures. RM10k for byPer cent of Equity is given to Startups. Mentors include the 1337 Founders.


Codear.my is actually a regional accelerator operate by 2 creators. They give you RM20k for twoPercent inside of a 3-thirty days lengthy plan.

Watch Tower And Friends Accelerator

Watchtower is actually a confidential accelerator operate from the people who own PitchIn. RM50k for 8% in 4 many weeks. Idea point startups can put on. The advisors are creators of Watchtower. Update: They’ve started in Oct 2014 and have function their very first batch due to the fact Jan 2015.

Corporate Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

Sunway iLabs Incubator And Accelerator

Sunway iLabs is a new Incubator + Accelerator situated at Bandar Sunway. It is just a program available to absolutely everyone. They manage a 24-full week plan withmentorship and RM50k, entry to Sunway Group companies (12 verticals), and RM150k of Google Cloud credits in exchange for 8%. The advisors are typically from Sunway.

Tunelabs Startup Accelerator

100 Startup Accelerators Around the World | Crunchbase

about.crunchbase.com › blog › 100-startup-accelerators...

Aug 8, 2019 -

The accelerator is manage by Tune Labs (AirAsia has common owners). The advisors are typically Tunelabs employees. Minimum MVP Stage Startups. Hardly any other important facts about their internet site.

Hong Leong Bank Startup Accelerator

HLB Launchpad Startup Accelerator is function by Hong Leong Bank. RM25k in 12 many days. Their mentors are generally Hong Leong employees.

DiGi Startup Accelerator in Bangkok (Recruitment in Malaysia)

Digi Startup Accelerator is run by Telenor group (mom company) - which is why the actual system is in Bangkok. Undisclosed information (not all in income) for 5-ten percent home equity. Mentors are typically Digi staff members.

Accelerator Reviews in Malaysia

To remain absolutely translucent and normal, perform inspire accelerator contributors to analyze their accelerators in the feedback beneath. Help your fellow entrepreneurial creators find the right appropriate accelerators. These start-up accelerator product reviews will drastically help the new and forthcoming Malaysia startups.


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