1. To help in providing solutions to the problems faced by teenagers with a comprehensive health program
  2. To deal with learning disorder problems in children
  3. To deal with problems of street children especially with respect to rehabilitation and health issues
  4. To assist battered and abused women and helping in their rehabilitation
  5. To assist in prevention of child abuse and child labour
  6. To address specific health needs of senior citizens
  7. Arranging health camps and awareness drives in schools, colleges and communities
  8. To assist needy patients to get specialized treatments for cardiac and other major illness like cancer
  9. Work in association with BMC, state government and other NGOs in implementing of various associated programs
  10. To coordinate de addiction activities
  11. To undertake any other activity incidental to the above activities but which are not inconsistent with the above objectives
  12. Conducting seminars and lectures related to health issues
  13. Undertaking  free medical and diagnostic check up for needy individuals
  14. Helping to arrange free medicines for needy patients

Health Issues of Adolescents
Adolescents comprise of 20% of our country’s population or 22 cores in absolute terms of which girls comprise of 22%of the female population of our country. Adolescence is a transient stage between childhood and adulthood and a formative period during which great physical and psychological changes take place and many life patterns are learned and established
The areas of focus would be general health problems, mental health issues including Teen suicide, depression, behavioral issues, peer pressure, bullying and gang involvement, addiction related issues (alcohol, smoking substance abuse etc.), problems related to internet and gaming, tackling obesity and lifestyle issues, effect of Media like TV and movies, eating disorders, problems related to risky sexual behavior, inappropriate sports and violent risk taking behavior.

Sensitization of parents is necessary

  1. To make them aware of the various problems faced by the adolescents, why adolescence is a period of high risk.
  2. To recognize the risk taking behavior of adolescents and deal with it in the best possible way.
  3. To help the adolescents deal with peer pressure and gang involvement.
  4. To provide support and to provide realistic ambition among the adolescents.
  5. To make them aware of inappropriate sports participation (choking games etc).
  6. To help in the formation of teen clubs.
  7. Health talk and health screening of all adolescents from the 7-10std including 11-12 std if applicable.
  8. Health talk on Nutrition and diet and setting the pattern for a lifetime, importance of physical fitness, lifestyle diseases
  9. Life skill programs-Peer pressure, bullying, assertiveness, substance abuse.
  10. Anxiety, depression and suicide, Addictions (alcohol, substance abuse, internet and on line gaming, cell phone abuse) Depression and suicide,Stress and anger management.
  11. Importance of family in a child’s life and role of adolescent in the family- growth and development ,family life education, HIV/AIDS/STD, Contraception and teen pregnancy, sexual abuse.

Motto: Health for All

Vision: To create a community and society where all sections get access to effective healthcare

Mission: To put in place a charitable healthcare system that solves health needs of the underpriveliged sections of society


  1. Every human being is important
  2. Health is every individual`s birthright
  3. Effective utilization of resources  to benefit larger section of society
  4. Excellence and target oriented approach to all projects



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