1. Parental talk in NMT school on Awareness to Adolescent Health 30 beneficiaries on 23/8/2017.Topic of talk was “ Identification of early markers for high risk behavior in teenagers”. Talk was highly appreciated and many questions were asked and clarified.
  2. Zugarewadi med camp held on 1 oct 2017in association with Rotary Club of Bombay Worli. Total number of beneficiaries were 116.Medical screening was done to identify malnourished children and anemic children. Dietary supplementation was advised for the children.
  3. JNPT vaccination drive conductedon 26 nov 17 on dredger ship with UDRC. 54 beneficiaries were vaccinated as per International protocols. Medical examination was also conducted and vaccine charts were filled.
  4. NMT school medical camp on 18-22 dec 2017 for 1 week .total number of beneficiaries were 1000. Medical screening done for malnutrition, BP, hearing, dental and vision problems. Reports submitted to school. Follow up action taken for children with positive outcomes. Camp widely appreciated.
  5. Medical Camp  with ECG was done at Casa Grande on 6 and  7 feb 2018 . Total number of beneficiaries were 126. High BP and diabetes were identified and free medicines were provided to the beneficiaries. Dietary advice and lifestyle modifications were advised to the beneficiaries. Camp was very successful.
  6. JNPT vaccination camp  doneon J&N ship on 9 feb 2018 for chicken pox vaccine on emergency basis on account of outbreak of chickenpox on ship. Total number of beneficiaries were 56. Due precautions taken while vaccination to prevent cross infection.
  7. Medical Camp at Holiday Inn on 13 , 14,15 feb 2018 for their employees. Total number of beneficiaries were 145. Medical screening including height, weight, BMI, physical and general examination and blood examination conducted. Camp was successful.
  8. Zugarewadi medical camp on 25 march 2018 in association with Rotary Club Of Bombay Worli. Total number of beneficiaries were 124. Free medicines, including supplements and vit A distributed to all children. Mothers were advised regarding appropriate diet for age.


Parental Talk

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Zugarewadi Med Camp

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JNPT Vaccination

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NMT School Medical Camp 

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Medical Camp with ECG

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JNPT Vaccination FEB

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Medical Camp FEB

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Zugarewadi Medical Camp March

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